A New Era In Leadership

Leaders around the world are moving into a new paradigm. We can all feel it. We are being called to take better care of one another and the planet along with our bottom lines. LuminUS believes we can do both, and by embracing this grander vision of what is possible, we can achieve things we haven’t yet imagined. The journey of becoming a leader who truly inspires others is available to anyone who is interested.

Everyone’s leadership journey is unique and important.

Whether you are sitting in a C-suite position and asking yourself, “am I yet the leader I have dreamed of being?” or if you are just starting out your leadership career and are in the process of learning new interpersonal skills; there are powerful skillsets and mindsets that are here for you to embrace as we enter this new paradigm together.

This coaching journey will help you to:
  • Transform your way of thinking and working
  • Bring your skills, curiosity and the best version of yourself to work every day
  • Increase your level of intention to all of your actions and decision-making
  • Become more confident and competent
  • Embrace the power you have to build trust
  • To bring greater value to your team, organization and customers
  • Continually evolve and grow alongside your team
  • Allow others to lead
  • Become a person who can facilitate radical collaboration both within your organization and beyond



A leader who is ready and willing to shift the environment of the workplace for the benefit of the employees, the company and their customers is the most influential person in the room.

LuminUS ensures the leader is fully supported along this journey. We take the time and care to help the leader light their own path of more clarity, confidence and vulnerability so they are prepared to go first on the journey.

For example, if one of the leaders’ goal is to build greater levels of trust in their senior leadership team, the leader must be ready to demonstrate trusting first and feel ready to take this step. We acknowledge this important shift and help the leader really find their legs for this new journey.

LuminUS allows the leader to take the lead of the direction they want to go and supports them on their own personal leadership journey.

We are there to challenge default modes, to uncover the assumptions that fuel the default modes and to ask powerful questions to help the leader become more conscious of the impact they are having.

We help leaders create clear intentions and help clean up the mess and the fog that can easily cloud their intentions.

We truly think of this offering as a partnership.

We co-create with the leader and are always working in the spirit of their path. Every person can feel the path that will serve themselves and also everyone around them. We help shine a light on the emerging stepping stones leading the way.

We listen deeply to hear what the leader truly wants to create. We listen for the incongruency between what they want to create and what they are currently creating. We show the gaps in what they want and what they are currently creating and then co-create a plan and methodology to actually create what they want. We work with the willingness of the client so that the work feels truly genuine for them.

We do all of this through working on business priorities. The learning and coaching all happens with the work at hand. Through the work we will introduce you to practices, tools and frameworks to guide the perpetual journey of becoming an inspirational leader and to help others in your organization to become inspirational leaders.

The personal impact Annyse has made on me is immeasurable. She has helped me lean in with authenticity, hold strength through adversity and redefine boundaries of courageous leadership. My advice if you chose to partner with Annyse and the LuminUS group is to surrender to the process, I promise you will be thrilled that you did!

Carolyn Levy

President, Randstad Technologies