The core focus of LuminUS facilitation is around radical collaboration.

We specialize in partnering with those who are looking to co-create meaningful conversation around important topics, themes and challenges. LuminUS believes that collective intelligence always yields greater results, the most creative and innovative solutions and also ignites the most passion and inspiration.

We work with people who are planning an event or a series of events where radical collaboration is required. This means that the regular presentation style programming is not enough to ignite connection, creativity and surprising collaborations and partnerships. We focus on genuine and authentic connections over traditional networking. We create an environment where everyone shares accountability because everyone participates with their whole selves.

LuminUS offers facilitation both in person and online.

The presumed alignment among individual members of a team is a common fallacy in most organizations.  As a talent development professional, leaders often approach me for help because their teams are missing performance metrics. Diagnosis requires thoughtful inquiry and skilled facilitation.  Enter Annyse Balkwill of The LuminUS Group.

Using Whole Person Process Facilitation and the Medicine Wheel process, Annyse guides teams through inquiry, invites them to introspection, and reveals the humanness required to become a fully aligned and high-performing team.  The outcome is teams exchange their baggage for designer luggage enabling them on their Flight To Greatness. 

David Jarvis

Global Learning & Talent Development Leader

Our approach uses tools and processes that you won’t find at most events or on most online zoom meetings.

Annyse Balkwill, LuminUS founder is an OST facilitator

Our approach truly gets everyone involved in a meaningful way so people get to learn not only what each other knows but how each other feels.

More connection can be made when we welcome in our whole selves.

Great impact is made on the individuals who participate in our facilitated workshops, courses or events. Great impact is also made on moving towards solutions, partnerships and long-term meaningful connections that all fuel effective, useful and helpful individual and collective actions.