Randstad Technologies’ executive leadership team discovered that leading with curiosity and courage was key to transforming their business.

The Challenge

The President of Randstad Technologies, Carolyn Levy, has always believed in the power of spending time together with her leadership team on retreat. In fact, she had become known for her inspiring and engaging offsite events. She was ready to transform the business and wanted the next leadership retreat to be one that her team had never experienced before.


Through LuminUS’ partnership with Long Point Eco Adventures, Carolyn was introduced to Annyse. Carolyn wanted to develop leadership capacity within her team, to strengthen the team as a whole and to leave the retreat aligned about who they want to be and how they were going to take their next bold steps.

Co-created solution

Carolyn and Annyse co-created a 2-day session to facilitate time and space for her leadership team to first connect with themselves through movement, breath and nature. This was a goal to slow down, be reflective and envision who they wanted to be as leaders. The second step was to facilitate new conversations where her team could build trust through meaningful dialogue. This goal was to create space for the invisible blocks to become visible in a compassionate environment. The third element was to connect to the collective wisdom of her leadership team through the co-creation of the teams core purpose and a clear vision of success. This goal was to collaborate together to understand the impact the team could have on the rest of the organization and the business results.

The Results

This team decided that curiosity and courage were going to lead their conversations, their behaviours and their actions. This commitment lead to new conversations, new perspectives, new decisions and new actions.

Randstad is a global leader in the HR services industry. They support people and organizations in realizing their true potential by combining the power of today’s technology with their passion for people.

I have worked with Annyse through a significant business transformation over the last four years. Annyse takes a thoughtful approach that allows for trust to be at the center of every action which in turn creates a safe space for honest dialogue. Her strategies take into account all of the diversity of thought that sits within teams and allows for every team member to feel valued and heard – from introvert right up to extrovert!

Carolyn Levy

President, Randstad Technologies