The key to high performing teams is honest communication, high levels of trust, and alignment on purpose, values and vision.

The Challenge

Chris Low, leader of the North American project team at Suez Water Treatment and Solutions, was ready to guide himself and his core team to take the next steps in becoming a high performing leadership team. Chris was looking to build a leadership team who are collaborative, silo-free, and have a ‘team’ first approach rather than an “individual or function first “ approach. If you are a leader in a large, complex organization reading this right now you might feel the challenge here quite personally.


This is a special collaboration for The LuminUS Group as Annyse spent over a decade working within this business under another name. She has a huge warm spot in her heart for the people in this corporation. Chris, who is always doing his due diligence, was willing to meet with Annyse from a referral from a member on his leadership team and also with other consultants to really see if it was the right fit.

Co-created solution

After several conversations, Chris and Annyse co-created a first session with the leadership team to build deeper levels of trust, develop new communication skills as a collective team and to co-create their team’s core purpose and vision to lead them into new levels of success over the next few years and beyond.

This collaboration has continued and grown into a long term partnership where Annyse works alongside the team to continue to coach, guide and facilitate monthly and annual meetings/workshops/courses with the core team and their greater leadership team. Every year the team is building on the foundation they co-created and taking the organization to the next level.

The Results

The team is communicating better than ever, even though they still feel there is more work to do. The collective purpose and vision are coming to life through alignment on the team, more honest conversation and clearer action plans for them and their teams. The team is collaborating in a more meaningful and impactful way with other key divisions of the business to achieve collective goals for the benefit of the entire business. This is no small feat in a large, complex organization.

Suez Water Technologies and Solutions (Suez WTS) is an industry-leading water technology company who partners with customers around the world to provide solutions for the toughest industrial water and process challenges. SUEZ WTS adapts and develops technology solutions to solve global water challenges.

Annyse is creative, fun, and easy to work with, but will force you to explore tough issues and to act with courage and vulnerability to address them. This is uncomfortable to do, but the individual and team growth comes from diving into those tough issues head first and her skill is in helping you to do just that. My journey with Annyse has had all of those components mixed in and I am grateful for it. The fundamentals that Annyse introduces are simple, effective, and repeatable. They help your team achieve more than you imagine and they will test you as a leader.
Chris Low

North American Projects Leader, Suez Water Technologies & Solutions