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Our cards can be used for personal reflection or as a tool to help engage participants when working one on one or in a group setting.

We hope this adds an element of fun and interest to your work.

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Personal Reflection: Focus your awareness on the question in your mind and then draw 1-3 cards to help you connect to your intuition. You can use the image and/or the words to help you think about or feel your way through the situation on your mind.

Group Setting: Using the deck in a classroom or workplace is a great way to engage the entire group and move them into listening mode from telling mode. It allows participants to truly get to know one another, adds meaning to the gathering, and invites everyone to co-create the session, classroom experience or workshop. The process engages the wisdom of the whole person.

Begin by gathering your group into a circle. Shuffle the cards and lay them face down in a spiral in the centre of the group you are working with. Invite those in the circle to select a card using their intuition. You can ask them a question either before they select the card or afterwards, whichever feels right to you in that specific moment or for your purpose.


  • What does the card tell you about... fill in the question


  • What does the card tell you about why you chose to participate today?
  • What does the card tell you about... enter the topic you are discussing Eg. Trust? Leadership? Authenticity? Etc.

Next, invite the participants to select a partner to have a discussion about what the card means to them pertaining to the topic. Invite everyone to listen because when they come back to the circle they will introduce their partner and a little bit about what the card meant for their partner.